Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Jack Rabbit Stew"

There is something about traveling the open road that can open your mind to all the possibilities outside the cast iron skillet. My road trips or culinary escapades have gone from cross country vagabond; desperado-camper; hot springs hopper; dessert moon dancer; macrobiotic burning man; cars without lights at night in Cairo; Winnebago- commercial chef in the Utah cliffs to the more current- motoring around two fabulous little whipper snappers to and from school, ballet; grandparents’; Magnolia Springs, and “ How much further?” and “Please, don’t open the door while we are driving”, “Almost there”, and “I’m going to turn this car around.”

As a traveling chef I find much inspiration in the people I meet along the way. I’m still cooking fancy California cuisine with a twisted Texas/Louisiana flare that always lights up a plate and a palate. However, what most excites me, is what other folks are cooking; eating; hunting, etc.
My last gig took us to the end of the road somewhere in Texas close to the Louisiana border by way of the Sabine River.

I was lucky enough to have two of my closest associates from the,“Road", join me and help me cook up some fine fare for about 15 people. We stayed busy morning to midnight cooking and serving. We settled into our bunk house porch after midnight and unwound under the wide Texas night sky by rehashing tales from the long day. Food and the creation of food brought us together and provided a sense of common ground and safety in knowing that we had worked hard for food.

Many songs were sung and tales were told but the best one was, “Jack Rabbit Stew".
J.R. met his demise on a dark Taos road by an old faithful VW Van. The driver- with his Indian spirit, took the road bumped J.R. on home to a pot and made a hearty stew that tasted better on day three.

In honor of the road; I salute the weary travelers stricken with high voltage wander lust and lonesome cowgirl blues. Happy trails and happy meals!


  1. Loved this piece momma! You speak to my gypsy soul which holds an eternal wanderlust. My little "whipper snapper" is my guide on this, as yet, most fulfilling adventure of all.
    Your words - as does your delicious cuisine - leave me hungry for more! Good stuff girl!

  2. My Dad used to sing Jack Rabbit Stew to me when I was a kid. I used to think that when I grew up I'd start a catering business and serve a Jack Rabbit Stew. The catering shtick worked out, but the stew, well, not yet.

  3. Thanks for such a fantastic post! I'd never considered traveling catering, but it sounds like a fantastic life. I think I would love being introduced to all new types of food best. It sounds like you get that experience all the time. Now I just have to convince myself to leave the comfort of my current life and strike out on the potentially unknown path you're on.